Participation in the ACHD Network

We present a list of registered institutions of the Japanese Network of Cardiovascular Departments for ACHD and information about their outpatient departments.

To register with JNCVD-ACHD, please participate if the following purposes match your targets. If you see our website and hope to participate in our network, please have your institution’s representative contact the Secretariat mentioned in the contact page.

JNCVD-ACHD consists of cardiovascular departments of institutions that can act as major ACHD medical institutions in the community. The specific conditions for participation include the fostering of cardiovascular physicians who can specialize in ACHD in the cardiovascular department, and who can participate in community activities to establish a comprehensive medical care system for ACHD patients (in case of a general hospital, your department should be the cardiovascular department that makes an effort to provide comprehensive medical care).

We also call for participation by institutions that are unlikely to participate in JNCVD-ACHD but that want to cooperate with JNCVD-ACHD to manage ACHD patients as far as possible. Furthermore, institution that have registered more than 100 cases is allowed to launch clinical research including multicenter research, like JNCVD-ACHD registered institutions. We would be grateful if the representative of cardiovascular department of your institution contacts our Secretariat mentioned in the contact page.